Holding at a glance

 “He who wishes to remain, has got to fight, and he who fails to fight, does not deserve to remain

 ,especially in a world that human existence depends on fights and challenges.”

RAZ investment and governance/strategic development Company, was established with the aim of presenting consulting services, management, investment in industrial sector, mines, technical, production engineering and trading in the year 2011. As per the experiences gained from the beginning of establishment and strategic orientation, company’s organizational structure underwent essential revision in 2016. At the moment, RAZ holding is among major stockholders of 21 companies in different investment areas such as  automotive, Automotive  Spare parts, Oil , Gas & petrochemical, mineral water, social responsibilities and….


RAZ holding mission as a multi-disciplinary industrial holding and investment with specific focus on automotive industry is as follows:

  1. Policy-making and optimized management in order to increase earnings and stable profit-making.
  2. Undertaking and commitment to social responsibilities.
  3. Providing value adding services to the businesses in regard to make stock holders and other beneficiaries.

 We the employees undertake to carry out t all the contents of the organizational declaration as the example for our behavior and actions take as all our work and non-work interactions with our peers and other beneficiaries of the organization (customers, stockholders, suppliers and the society) and respect all the items.

  • Obtain, renewal and extension:

ISO certificates such as ISO 27001, ISO 10015, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18001 and  Grade A+ Sazeh Gostar and…. Proportionate with their activities from the most famous world groups.

  • Cooperation with the donor centers of blood stem cells in MAHAK Charity

Istitute with the cooperation with Bahman Group ( Bahman Automotive and Bahman Diesel Companies) and “MAHAK” charity Institute for children inflicted to cancer for the registration of 5000 primary specimen for the center of granting blood stem cells in “MAHAK”.

  • Election of M.D. Mr. Hamid Reza Samadi as the selected manager from private sector in the third Jahadi Management Gathering.

In this ceremony, Dr. Samadi was granted the certificate of appreciation as the choice private sector Jahadi Manager.

  • Granting he highest statue of human transcendence to “Avrand Pishro”

In the twelfth conference on human resources to “Avrand Pishro” Company as human transcendence.

  • A bronze medal was granted to Azarin Madpart RAZ, asubsidiary of RAZ holding for Social Responsibilities in Iran.

From 196 companies registered for national prize, 13 companies got the medal and the only one from Automotive Industry is; Azarin Maadpart RAZ Co.